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Edu Management System Type 3 gives you the opportunity for Schools/Colleges/Institutes to select features as per their requirements.

EMS Basic

This school management system is decorated to help seven kinds of users. They are-

  • Superadmin
  • Admin
  • Teacher
  • Parent
  • Student
  • Accountant
  • Librarian

You may select from any following features as per your requirement:

SMS Basic + Online Course/Tutorial System
+ Student Assignments
+ Zoom Live Class
+ SMS Centre
+ School Alumni
+ Student ID Card
+ Student Biometric
+ Exam Marks Sender
+ Add Multiple Schools 

Every user has to play different roles with different permissions to operate the daily activities of an educational institution. This permission helps the users to control and run the institute smoothly.


A superadmin has to play the most crucial role. He has the highest number of privileges and permissions. Mostly, he can add, edit, and remove school admin. He can monitor and control academic activities, live classes, exam-related activities, accounting-related activities, back-office-related activities, and online courses.


An admin has the highest permissions and privileges after superadmin. An admin can monitor, control, and take action on academics, examinations, live classes, accounting, and back-office-related activities. But for a particular institute.


A teacher’s role is orienting on teaching and academic-related activities. He has permission to overview the list of students, class routine, subjects, event calendar, and back-office activities. He can overview, edit, and delete student’s and their parent’s information. A teacher has permission to issue ID cards for students, and he can take attendance/biometric attendance. He has the authorization to create the syllabus, add or edit new live classes, provide marks and comments on the examination. A teacher can add assignments, publish, draft, expire, make questions and review them, and he can also create and modify online courses here.


A parent can overview the teacher’s list, academic (daily attendance, class routine, syllabus, and event calendar), and back-office activities. Parents can also monitor the exam marks and grades. They can make payments for their children./ They can pay fees for their children in this panel.


A student has the permission to overview the list of teachers, daily attendance, class routine, syllabus, event calendar, back-office, exam marks, and grades. A student can overview marks, comments and submit their assignment. They can also join live classes, pay fees, issue books from the library, watch online courses and get specific course information from here.


In this panel, an accountant gets all the permission about financial activities. An accountant has permission to add, edit and delete expense and expense categories. They can add mass or single invoices, export reports in CSV, PDF, and Print.


A librarian has track of every book in the library, and they will get all library-related activities permissions. They also have permission to issue books, and they can add, edit, and remove books from the library and have permission to issue books.

The academic activities of an educational institute help to operate classes and other education-related activities. In this panel, we will discuss with you about academic terms of the school management system.


In this school management system, superadmin, admin, and teacher can take student’s attendance to track academic progress. They can also take biometric attendance by adding additional add-ons, and students and parents can overview attendance from their panel.

Class routine:

The class routine is another part. The superadmin and admin create the class routine for different classes. In this panel, class routine helps to complete regular academic activities. Students and parents can watch class routines to maintain everyday educational activities.


In this school system management, the subject is a part of academic activities. Students, teachers, and parents have permission to overview subjects. Only superadmin and admin can add different subjects for different classes.


The syllabus is another essential part of academic activities. The syllabus supports other educational activities, such as class routine, subject, and department. In this panel, superadmin, admin, and teacher have permission to create the syllabus for the students, and only parents and students have permission to view the syllabus.


In this term, superadmin and admin can create a class to operate other’s regular academic activities. They can also create sections, edit, and delete if they need. Classes and sections help to run class routine, subject, syllabus, classroom, and department.


The classroom is a significant part to operate academic activities in an educational institute. Only admin and superadmin can add, edit and remove classrooms, and they have an essential role in making a proper layout for the institute.


Every educational institute has different departments to function academic progress. Superadmin and admin have the authority to add, edit, and erase various departments.

Event calendar:

The academic calendar is an essential part of this term. It helps to make track of an academic session. Everyone can see the event and detail from this panel. Superadmin and admin can add an event on the academic calendar. Also, they can edit and delete any occurrence from the calendar. Teachers, parents, and students can view this academic calendar from their panel.

The examination is a great way to evaluate what the students have learned concerning particular subjects, and it shows the path of learning. This exam system has an essential role in the process of education and the entire educational institute. There are few things in the examination system. They are –

  • Marks
  • Exams
  • Grades
  • Promotions


Mark is a score in the form of a number, percentage, or letter that a teacher gives a students in the examination. Superadmin, admin, and teacher can provide marks, add comments and take action on marks. Parents and students have the authority to overview marks from their accounts.


In this school management system, superadmin and admin can add new exams. Also, they can update exam name, starting date, ending date, and erase exam. Teachers, parents, and students can watch this panel.


Only grades can define a student’s marks in the examination. Superadmin and admin can add new grades, points, and ranges. Only students and parents have permission to overview the grades.


After completing a session in an educational institute, students get a promotion to enroll next session. It’s a part of the examination system, and a student has to achieve suitable marks to get the promotion. Only superadmin and admin can enroll in a new session or promote a student.

Financial management is the most fundamental element for any organization, including schools and other educational institutes. Financial management means-

  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Directing
  • Controlling

Superadmin, admin, and accountant can manage the financial activities. They can create student fees in two ways. They are:

  1. Mass invoice
  2. Single invoice

Also can overview the student’s info, invoice title, total amount, paid amount, invoice status, and option for update and remove the payment.

As a superadmin, admin, or accountant, you can also manage academic expenses, create expense categories.

As a student or parent, pay student fees in different payment gateway, print the invoice of paid transaction.


Managing Users

Managing student

Students’ admission

Managing admin

Managing teachers

Teacher’s permission

Managing parents

Managing accountant

Managing Librarian



Daily attendance

Class routine






Event calendar


Exam Management







How to create academic fees

How to pay academic fees

How to manage expenses

Accounting Reports

Accountant Panel Features


School Back Office

Library management

Yearly session



Parents’ Panel:

Monitor academic activities

Pay student fees



Student assignment

Online course

Zoom live class

Exam marks sender

School alumni

Student biometric attendance

Multi school

SMS center

Student ID Card


Specification: EMS – Edu Management System 3


Cloud Hosted


Android, IOS, Mac OS, Windows


Auto Notification, CRM integration, Data import/export, Simple SignOn, Social integration


80% First Payment, 20% During Delivery

Mobile APP

Android + iOS APP, Android APP, IOS APP, No Mobile APP, Web APP, Web APP for Play Store


Basic Web Software Maintenance, Basic Website + Basic Website + Software Maintenance, Complete Website + Web Software Maintenance, No Maintenance

EMS Type

Basic EMS, EMS + Add Multiple Schools/Institutes, EMS + EMS Center, EMS + Exam Marks Sender, EMS + Online Tutorial System, EMS + School Alumni, EMS + Student Assignment, EMS + Student Biometric, EMS + Student ID Card, EMS + Zoom Live Class

EMS Package


Photos: EMS – Edu Management System 3

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EMS – Edu Management System 3
EMS – Edu Management System 3


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